Aviation Wing

The museum welcomes you to its aviation wing. Look around to find the men and machines behind the story of flight. Were these pioneers heroic or foolhardy?

Flight of the Norge (Part1), (Part 2) - It was a feat that was astounding at the time, but now lost in the dusty pages of history. In May of 1926 a group of sixteen fearless adventurers boarded a small dirigible to fly over the North Pole. The audacious journey would be the first ever flight from the European continent to the American continent over the Arctic ice cap.

Those Fabulous and Foolhardy Flyers (Part 1)- Flight from Icarus to Orville.

Part 2 - Flight From Wilber to War.

Part 3 - The Warbirds of World War One.

The Mystery of the Hindenburg Disaster - It was the biggest thing that ever flew. Was its fiery end the result of an accident or sabotage?

Strange Aircraft From the Early Years of Flight - Many early builders took a trial and error approach to their designs. Check out some of the results.

Gustave Whitehead - Did he Beat the Wright Brothers into the Sky?

Real Flying Saucers - Disc shaped aircraft through the ages.

Crossing the Atlantic By Air - On July 25th, 1909, Louis Bleriot stunned the world by using an airplane to cross the English Channel. Only ten years later the first men to fly the Atlantic would tackle a distance of over one-hundred times greater than that of the Channel flight and incalculably more dangerous.

Amelia Earhart's Last Flight - The record breaking American aviator disappears in the Pacific without a trace.

The Mystery Airship of 1896 - What was the strange light seen crusing through the 19th Century American skies?

The Mysterious Airship of 1896 - Flash Film - An eight minute video documentary about the airship of 1896.

What Happened to the Rocket Belt?- It's been around for more than forty years. Why can't I fly one?

Rocket Racing - Will this new, dangerous sport catch on?

Nazi Flying Saucers - Hitler and the Third Reich led Europe into a decade of terror that culminated in World War II. The Germans developed an amazing array of secret weapons in a short time. Were flying discs part of the Luftwaffe arsenal? And if so, was this secret looted and used by the Allied victors after the war?

Area 51 - Did the home of super secret military aircraft also hide flying saucers?


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