Blue Penguin and Bob the Guinea Pig

One day Bunny ran into the bedroom all excited. "Mugsy," he said, "One of the children has brought the class pet home for the weekend. It is a guinea pig named Bob!"

When the family went out for dinner, Mugsy, the big brown stuffed dog, and Bunny went downstairs to visit the weekend guest. Bob was eight inches long with brown and white fur. He lived in a plastic box. It had soft wood chip bedding on the floor on which he could sleep. On one wall hung a water bottle where he drank. There was also a bowl filled with guinea pig food.

They had a fun time playing with Bob. Bunny and Mugsy took turns petting him. They found him a round cardboard tube that Bob could crawl into where he could hide. They also took turns feeding him guinea pig treats.

When they were done they said good-bye to Bob and walked back to the bedroom. When they got there they ran into Blue Penguin. Blue Penguin was Bunny's best friend.

"The children just brought home a guinea pig for the weekend," Bunny told Blue. "His name is Bob. We just finished playing with him. It was a lot of fun!"

Blue said, "Do you think he would play with me?"

"I don't see why not," replied Mugsy.

Blue ran into the closet, grabbed something, and then ran downstairs. "I'm going to play with Bob!," he yelled.

A few minutes later Blue came back into the bedroom crying. "Bob doesn't like me! I took my checker board down and set it up, but he won't play with me. I even said he could make the first move!"

Mugsy laughed, "Blue, guinea pigs don't play checkers. You can't play that kind of game with him."

Blue answered, "Well, what kind of games do they play?"

Mugsy and Bunny took Blue down to Bob's box. They showed him how to pet Bob and feed him treats. They also showed him how Bob liked to use the cardboard tube to crawl through. Blue had a lot of fun playing with Bob.

From then on whenever Bob came to visit on the weekends, Blue had lots of fun playing with him. He was never able to teach him to play checkers, though.

The End

Copyright Lee Krystek 2001. All Rights Reserved.