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Key: Pages featuring * - 3D images; F - Flash Movies; S - Sound; V - Video

2012: End of the World?



Archimedes and the Burning Mirror

Are We Alone? (In the Galaxy)

Alligators in the Sewers of NYC

Andrews, Roy Chapman

What Happened to the "Lost" Ark? *

Ask the Curator

Ask the Curator (Archive)

Attack of the Nazi Talking Dogs

The Museum Attic*

Strange Aircraft From the Early Years of Flight

The Mystery Airship of 1869

The Mysterious Airship of 1896 - Flash Film (F)

Alien Abductions*

Alein Autopsy Film

The Alma

Ancient Astronauts

Where is all the Anti-matter?

The Antikythera Mechanism

How to Build an Atomic Bomb (V)

The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis

A Collection of Odd Archaeology

The Science of Archaeology*

Benedict Arnold - Father of our Country? (Part I), (PartII).

Area 51

Atlantis, The Lost Continent

Of Automatons and Automata

The Incredible Automobile Race of 1907


Babel, Tower of*

Baghdad Battery, The


Beale Cryptograms

Bell Rock Lighthouse

Bermuda Triangle

Bethlehem's Star

Bible, Codes in

Big Bugs

Big Foot

Big Snakes

Bizarre Electricity

Project Bluebook

Bomarzo: Grove of the Monsters

The Brooklyn Bridge

Whatever happened to the Brontosaurus?*

The Hoodoos of Bryce Canyon



Capuchin Crypt


How Casts are Used

Catastrophic Cosmic Alignment?

Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa

Champ of Lake Champlain*

Christmas Electric

Christ the Redeemer

Chronovisor (Missing Time Machine)

Chunnel (Channel Tunnel)

Classic Graphic: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Close Encounters of the First Kind.

Close Encounters of the Second Kind

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Coronal Mass Ejection

CN Tower

The Coelacanth


Colossel Octopus

The Colossus of Rhodes*

Comet Halley: Harbinger of Death?

Concrete Ships

Conjunctions and Occultations (F)

Copper Scroll, The Mysterious Treasure of

Cottingley Fairies

Crop Circles*

Crossing the Atlantic by Air

Cryptology: The Science of Secret Codes and Ciphers

Cryptozoological Alumni

Cryptozoological Cinema

Cryptozoology: The Lost Worlds


Crystal Skulls


Decalogue (Newark)

Devil's Kettle

Devil's Tower, Geology

Devils Tower, The Lost Gold*

How did the Dinosaurs Die?

Dinosaur DNA

Dinosaur Metabolism*

Dinosaur Safari

What's a Dinosaur?*

The 1933 Double Eagle (World's Most Valuable Coin)

Dracula, The Real: Vlad the Impaler

Arthur Conan Doyle

Flight of the Crash Test Dummies

Harryhausen's Dynamation

Hitler Diaries


Amelia Earhart

Easter Island

Einstein and the Universe (Part I) (Part II)

Eiffel Tower

Electric Trains of Christmas

Empire State Building

Entombed Animals

Everest, Mount

Experiment: After Images

Experiment: Build a Secert Coding Device

Experiment: Buoyancy and Concrete Ships

Experiment: Casting a Track

Experiment: Capture Light with a Dish

Experiment: Draw a Landscape Figure

Experiment: Growing Crystals

Experiment: Make Some Hydrogen

Experiment: Make a Balloon Jet

Experiment: Make a Fruit Mummy

Experiment: Ponzo Illusion and the Moon

Experiment: Reflection/refraction

Experiment: See the Power of Sound

Experiment: Static Electricity

Experiment: Build a Pen Cap Submarine

Experiment: Build a Flying Wing

Experiment: Wind in a Bottle


Those Fabulous and Foolhardy Flyers I

Those Fabulous and Foolhardy Flyers II

Those Fabulous and Foolhardy Flyers III

Fawcett, Colonel Percy

Flying Saucers

Flying Saucers and the Third Reich*

Foo Fighters of WWII

Dian Fossey and the Gorillas of the Virunga Volcanoes

What's a Fossil?


Geysers (F)

A Gallery of Geyser Formations

Geysers and Hot Springs (F)

Giant Lizards (Komodo Dragon)

Gigantopithecus (Giant Ape)


Golden Gate Bridge

Goldsboro, The Day the U.S. Airforce Almost Nuked North Carolina

Gotthard Rail Tunnels

Grand Canyon

Great Barrier Reef

Gustave Whitehead: Did He Beat the Wright Brothers into the Sky?



Hagia Sophia: The Place of Holy Wisdom


Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Head Shrinkers of South America

Henson, Matthew: Arctic Explorer

Mystery of the Hindenburg Disaster

Hitler Targets New York City

Hoax Journalism

Hollow Earth*

Hudson Valley UFO


Hydrogen Bomb



Itaipu: The Megadam

Iranian Sightings


King Kong

The Burden Expedition to Komodo Island (To Catch a Dragon)

The Kraken

Kulik, Leonid


Mad Scientist's Laboratory

The Labyrinth at Knossos*

Lake Monsters of North America

Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte (Hitler's Super Tank) *

Legend of the Lambton Worm

The Holy Lance

Leonardo da Vinci: A Genius Before His Time

Leonardo's Notebooks

The Secret of Leonardo da Vinci

Links (Blast Off to Other Web Sites)

Life in our Galaxy

Life on Mars (The Mars Rock)

Life in our Solar System

Who Invented the Lightbulb?

The Loch Ness Monster (Nessie)*

Loch Ness Monster Hoax Photo

London Sewers

Lost Cities

The Lost World (Graphic Novel online) or (Printable pdf file).

H.P. Lovecraft's Monsters


Machu Picchu: The Lost City

Mandela Effect

The Mammoth Trap*

Mammoth Trap Movie(F)

Man-Eating Plants

Man Who Lived Through Doomsday

March of the Wooden Soldiers (Making of a Christmas Classic)

Meteor Impact(F)

Mystery of the Missing Mammoths*

Man-made Identified Flying Objects

The Mantell Incident

The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus *

The Mysterious Moons of Mars

Martian Attack*

Mastodons, Mammoths and Other Giants of the Pleistocene

Amazing Mazes

Meep's Alien Rescue (Flash Game) F

The Impossible Rocks that Fell from the Sky (Meteorites)


Minnisota Iceman

Mok'ele-mbembe (Dinosaur in the Congo)*

Moon Landing Hoax

Mt. Everest

Making Mummies

Mummy Case Markings

Mummy's Curse

Mr. Mummy Goes to Hollywood (Mummies in Entertainment)

The Great Mummy Project

Mummy Room

Myth of the Titanic Mummy

Museum Home Page

The Museum that Never Was (The Great Paleozoic Museum) F

Mystery Hill (America's Stonehenge)


Najing Porcelain Pagoda

The Christmas Visions of Thomas Nast

Natural Identified Flying Objects

Nazca Lines

Nazi Atomic Bomb

Nazi Gold

Nazi Talking Dogs

Newport Tower

Northern Lights

Noah's Ark

The "Nondescript"

Flight of the Norge

Notes from the Curator's Office:

Close Encounter of the Snake Kind (6/06)

Fun with 50's Science Fiction Film Posters (7/06)

The LAN Party (8/06)

The B9 Builders Club (9/06)

The Witches of Fifth Grade (10/06)

Whatever Happened to the Monorail? (11/06)

Santa Tracking (12/06)

New Year's Irresolutions (1/07)

What Happened to the Rocket Belt? (2/07)

The Haunted Church of Gravity Hill (4/07)

Home Movies (5/07)

Revisiting the Big Three: Isaac Asimov (6/07)

The Time Tunnel to 4th Grade (7/07)

Revisting the Big Three: Robert Heinlein (08/07)

Houdini Lives! (Or at Least He Does in Scranton, PA) (09/07)

Revisiting the Big Three: Arthur C. Clarke (11/07)

The Mad Scientists of Mammoth Falls (01/08)

The Roots of Indiana Jones (05/08)

Are We All Just Living in a Video Game? (07/08)

Cellular Deception (08/08)

Monster Movies (10/08)

Steampunk Fun (11/08)

Remembering Wordsmith Michael Crichton (12/08)

Magic & Teaching (4/09)

An Art Project for a Favorite Novel (9/09)

A Close Encounter with Ball Lightning (01/10)

Ten Mysterious Places I'd Like to Visit Before I Croak (04/10)

Under an Iron Sky (7/10)

Music of the Coils (10/10)

A Bit of Steampunk Magic (01/11)

Of Automatons and Automata (6/11)

The Nostalgic BBS (1/12)

Anzio Annie (7/12)

My Seven Minutes of Fame with the Travel Channel (3/13)

Visiting the Fake Shroud of Turin (5/13)

The Magic of Ray Harryhausen (8/13)

The 1964/65 New York World's Fair (4/14)

Flying a Jet Pack (8/14)

Racing a Ferrari (11/15)

Fun with a 3D Printer (6/16)

A Visit to Chichen Itza (8/16)

An Art Project for a Favorite Novel II: War of the Worlds (11/16)

A Visit to the Leaning Tower of Pisa (7/1/18)



The Oak Island Mystery Pit

Oil and the Triumph of Nazi Germany

The Observatory*

Operation Vengence


Paestum: Greek Temples that Somehow Survived into Modern Italy

The Paluxy Paradox

The Panama Canal

Paricutin: The Volcano in a Cornfield

Petra the Lost City

Phantom Ships

The Pharos Lighthouse*

Philadelphia Experiment

Could Experimental Physics Accidently End the World? (V)

The Piltdown Man Hoax

Piri's Map

Pompeii: A City Frozen in Time.

Post Office for UnMuseum

Post Office for Time Traveller Tours (Seven Wonders)

Pirate Room


Pirates: Rogue's Gallery

The Littlest Pirate

The X Planets

Pluto: Requiem for a Planet

Pterosaurs in Texas (Quetzalcoatlus)*

The Great Pyramid* (V)

How to Build a Pyramid


The Mystery of Quantum Physics (Part I) (Part II)



Radiocarbon Dating

Raiders of the Lost Tomb

Real Flying Saucers (Disk Shaped Aircraft)*

Reptiles of the Ancient Seas (V)

Ringing Rocks (S)

Rio, The Harbor at

Rocket Racing

Mystery of Rosetta Stone (Part I), (Part II)

Roswell Crash


S4 (Robert Lazar)*

Salem Witch (Part I) (Part II)

Saltzburg Cube

AKA Santa Claus

Saturn's Rings

Science Today

Seals and Manatees

Sea Monster Tales

Sea Monsters that Weren't

Sea Serpents

Sea Serpent of Gloucester*

There Be Sea Monsters Here (F)

Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life (SETI)

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Map

Seven Wonders of the Modern World

Seven Wonders of the Natural World

Seven Wonders of the Solar System

Schwerer Gustav: The World's Biggest Gun

Shark, Rogue (Part I), (Part II)

Siberian Explosion

Sirius B *

Giant Sloth

The Great Space Elevator

The Spaceship that Never Was

Speed of Light

Sperm Whale*


Spook Lights*

Colossal Squid

Giant Squid * (V)

Starship Design*

Stereoscopic Vision*


Stop Motion Photography

Surface of the Sun

UnMuseum Store:

--Books & Videos


Submarine and the Sea Monster


Taj Mahal: Monument to Lost Love

Teacher Resource Page

The Treasure of Troy

Train Crash at Crush

Tasmanian Tiger

Who was the Father of Television?

Temple of Artemis* (V)

Tesla, Nikola: Sourcer of Lightning (Part I), (Part II)

Transcontinental Railroad

Truth about Truth Serums

Tsunami: Deadly Waves

The Death of King Tut: Was it Murder?

Tyrannosaurus Rex*



19th Century UFO Crashes

UFOs in Entertainment

UFO Hoaxes

Universe Theater (F)

Universal Monsters


V3 Super Cannon

Vasili Arkhipov: The Man Who Saved the World

Velikovsky's Theories

Jules Verne: An Author Before His Time?

Victoria Falls

Victorian Dinosaurs*

Virtual Cyclorama

Virtual Exploration Society Homepage

Voynich Manuscript


Great Wall of China

War of the Worlds (Graphic Novel) As a printable PDF file

Lake Monster or Giant Wave?


White River Monster

Winchester Mansion

"Wow!" Signal


Is the Super Volcano Beneath Yellowstone about to Blow?

The Yeti


Zeep and Meep's First Movie (F)

The Zeuglodon

The Statue of Zeus at Olympia* (V)

Rise of the Zombies

The Zuiderzee and Delta Works of the Netherlands

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