Now we have two ways to see 3D pictures. Scattered around the museum are pictures in 3D. If you see this button: you can use a pair of red/blue glasses to view the image. Press this button now to see a picture. Warning: These 3D images are larger than the originals and may take a while to download.

If you don't have a pair of red/blue glasses, then look for this button: This will give you a stereoscopic 3d picture. To view it center your eyes level in front of the image about 12 inches from the monitor. Bring your finger between your nose and the monitor. It should be about 4 inches from you nose. Then look at your finger. This will force your eyes to cross. Without shifting your eyes look at the images. You should see 3 nearly identical pictures. The middle one will be in 3D with full color. Try the above button to see if you can view the stereoscopic image.

For more information on how three dimensional pictures work, go to our stereographic page.

We are sorry, but we cannot provide 3D glasses. However, most red/blue 3D glasses, like those that come with Knowledge Adventure products, will work.

Try this link: studio3d, for red/blue 3D glasses at a fee.

If you are just too much in a hurry to comb the museum for the images, go to the UnMuseum Index. Pages with 3D images are marked with a star.

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