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Welcome to the Virtual Exploration Society. Go over to the bar and get a root beer, then have a seat by the fire. Listen while the older members recount exciting true stories of explorers who have risked life and limb in the persuit of knowledge. Paddle down the Amazon with Percy Fawcett. Drive a dogsled to the North Pole with Peary and Henson. Go to a mysterious isolated island with the Burden Expedition to capture a living dragon. Risk an ancient Egyptian curse with Howard Carter as he opens the Tomb of King Tut.


Flight of the Norge (Part1), (Part 2) - It was a feat that was astounding at the time, but now lost in the dusty pages of history. In May of 1926 a group of sixteen fearless adventurers boarded a small dirigible to fly over the North Pole. The audacious journey would be the first ever flight from the European continent to the American continent over the Arctic ice cap.

The Incredible Automobile Race of 1907- In 1907 eleven men set out to take the newly born automobile on an adventure across two continents and over deserts and through swamps. Would it be up to the challenge?

Crossing the Atlantic By Air - On July 25th, 1909, Louis Bleriot stunned the world by using an airplane to cross the English Channel. Only ten years later the first men to fly the Atlantic would tackle a distance of over one-hundred times greater than that of the Channel flight and incalculably more dangerous.

Roy Chapman Andrews - Was this adventurer/scientist the model for Hollywood's Indiana Jones?

Colonel Percy Fawcett - He charted the wilderness of South America, but then disappeared without a trace.

To Catch a Dragon - Follow the Burdan Expedition to remote and dangerous Komodo Island.

Matthew Henson: Arctic Explorer - Henson and Peary defy cold death in a race to the North Pole.

Amelia Earhart's Last Flight - The record breaking American aviator disappears in the Pacific without a trace.

Leonid A. Kulik - He braved the isolated swamps and rivers of Central Asia to expose one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th Century.

Howard Carter and the Curse of the Mummy - The rumor of an ancient curse didn't stop this archaeologist from opening the tomb of King Tut.

Dian Fossey and the Gorillas of the Virunga Volcanoes- She saw her gorillas being driven to extinction, and started a war.

Raiders of the Lost Tomb - Dr. Walter Alva puts his life on the line to protect the lost treasures of the Moche.

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