Some Information About the Museum

The Museum of Unnatural Mystery is the brainchild of Lee Krystek. Mr. Krystek had for a long time wanted to build a museum that would explore the fringe edges of science and at the same time use those subjects to get people interested in the more mundane aspects of scientific work. A brick and mortar museum was far beyond his means, but the creation of the world wide web provided a medium that was affordable enough for him to realize his dream.

Mr. Krystek is a graduate of Rutgers University and has a Master of Science Degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. For many years Mr. Krystek pursued a career in software engineering. After that he shifted his area of expertise and eventually became a Senior Producer for the world-known publisher Dow Jones on the Wall Street Journal website, Most recently Mr. Krystek has graduated from The College of New Jersey with a Masters of Arts in Teaching. At that time he also received the coveted Dean of Education's Award for Academic Excellence.

Mr. Krystek is also an author and in addition to his writings on the Internet he has been published in magazines such as Interior Architecture & Design , and contributed articles to many textbooks including, but not limited to, Humanities Alive 1, Developing Skills in Writing, and English Skills: Open Road. Mr. Krystek also has two articles included in the anthology book Stranger than Fiction where he is featured with other well-known authors such as David Attenborough and Arthur C. Clarke. Mr. Krystek is also the author and illustrator of The Martian Who Looked Like a Dog Series of childrens books and Cardboard Submarine a novel for children from age 8-13.

In addition to writing Mr. Krystek is an artist and has contributed illustrations to many books including Invisible Eagle by Alan Baker and Physical Geography the Global Environment.

The museum has garnered good reviews from such notable journalistic sources as USA Today and The Lancet. It was also named one of Popular Sciences Fifty Best Science Sites on the web for the year 2000. The museum was also listed as one of the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse's ( Digital Dozen of recommended sites for December 1999. ENC is a national source for information on educational resources.

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